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"Put a little light out in the tunnel for me...." - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
"Put a little light out in the tunnel for me...."
From time to time, I come across fans arguing that preservation is "unnatural" - that everything - including websites - "dies a natural death" and that we should not be trying to preserve "it" without permission.*

In 1997, Sara Conklin, a Beauty and the Beast fan and Star Trek fan died - there was an outpouring of memories on mailing lists and a few tribute websites set up. One website was on Geocities.com and is thankfully preserved by the Internet Archive.

This memory caught my eye: "Sara was buried in her Star Trek uniform, complete with working communicator button. Jackie said that when they were leaving Sara's house for the last time, Sara made Jackie go back and get it. After Sara died, when Jackie when to the funeral director, he asked for the clothes to bury Sara in. She gave him the uniform and he smiled and said "we only get coffins here, we don't have any photon torpedoes!" Can you imagine decades from now, archaeologists digging up the MILITARY commentary and finding everyone else in their military uniforms and Sara in her Star Trek outfit!!!!!!"

Websites (and their contents) are not living things - but neither are they just static words and empty spaces. They neither live nor die natural or unnatural deaths. That they once existed cannot be denied - even if some wished it were not so.  No one deserves to be forgotten - it will happen in spite of our efforts, as time and entropy and vast distances overwrite everything eventually. But we should not be rushing to erase each other or our memories. We will get there soon enough.

"Put a little light out in the tunnel for me -- it doesn't have to chase away the darkness - it only has to guide me." ~ Sara Conklin

*Broadly paraphrased from

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