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US Government Using IP Laws To Silence Criticism - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
US Government Using IP Laws To Silence Criticism
I blogged about the origins of copyright law here (one of the reasons it was created to prevent political dissent in the UK).

This year the NSA used trademark law to remove a parody t-shirt from Zazzle  that criticized the NSA's surveillance of citizens. You can still buy the shirt from CafePress (for now). Mugs, IPhone cases and bumper stickers are also available. Here is how the funds will be used.

The slogan: "The only part of the government that actually listens."

Read articles here and here. And there is an informative video with an ironic twist at 4minutes  (see below)
The NSA T-Shirt The NSA Liberty Maniacs

Direct link to the video is here
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