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What Is This New Fangled Web-Thing? - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
What Is This New Fangled Web-Thing?
Aaaahhh, 1994. When many computer users were, for the first time, encountering the WWW. This exchange is from a media fandom mailing list

Person A: "Here are some b7 world wide web sites: http://hawks.ha.md.us/blake7/index.html

Person B (talking about using FTP to access the site - this is how most fans accessed files on other computers back then):
"I tried logging on to it using anonymous as login name, but it won't  accept it. Any suggestions on how to get into the site?"

Person A:"This is not an ftp site, but a world wide web site. To 'get into' it, you will need a web browser, such as mosaic or lynx (sp?). I suggest you talk to your sysop, and ask if there are any on your machine."

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unperfectwolf From: unperfectwolf Date: September 24th, 2013 10:50 pm (UTC) (Link)
Oh, 1994.
harrigan From: harrigan Date: September 25th, 2013 07:03 am (UTC) (Link)
LOL! How I remember those days! I remember a fan convention was the first time I'd ever heard the word "search engine" - I think there was a panel on it.
unperfectwolf From: unperfectwolf Date: September 25th, 2013 02:24 pm (UTC) (Link)
I remember the first time I searched for something. My mother was like "you're doing... what? On the phone line?"
sdwolfpup From: sdwolfpup Date: September 25th, 2013 07:00 pm (UTC) (Link)
Ahahaha wow. Those were the days.
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