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Dear Diary... - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
Dear Diary...
The Southern Enclave was one of the later Star Wars letterzines. It bridged the print fanzine era of fandom and continued well into the days of Internet fandom (the last issue was published in 2000).  Years ago, the editor scanned a few issues of her letterzine and posted them online. She is now scanning the rest which is how we came across this adorable letter from one of the contributors:

"I have this recurring dream; I'm in the dealers' room, with a box that seems to hold an endless supply of inch-thick, color cover fanzines. I'm tossing them behind me, saying, "They're free! Free! Take one! They're FREE!!! And everyone has this beautiful smile on their faces as the zine falls into their hands. My feet aren't touching the floor, I'm just floating through the aisle, and there is harp music in the background."  

And speaking of The Southern Enclave, in 1987 Maggie N, fed up with the eternal warnings debate created a handy dandy labeling guide for your fanfic. It is only a bit tongue in cheek.

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