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Dear Diary.... - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
Dear Diary....
This week I scanned this zine for the authors and their families.

The zine, The Rack, was a response to the K/S premise by carrying forward the then current views about homosexuality into the Star Trek future with devastating consequences. It made quite an impact when it was published in 1980. And it, in turn, created more response fic.

As the authors explained: "We have stated that many readers were emotionally upset by the tragedy of THE RACK. Some expressed their feelings through Letters of Comment, while others were compelled to write their own stories, poems and vignettes, ideas inspired by the heartwrenching, difficult-to-accept ending... Other stories, published elsewhere, were also inspired by our novella. Mariann H, in TRIAL (NEXUS 1), delivers an alternate ending which had its own impact on fandom. While we don't agree with her premise, we know Mariann's story did satisfy those for whom the unhappy ending of THE RACK was difficult to handle....People have been compelled to analyze the story, write alternate endings for it and continue to request we reprint ALL THE KING'S HORSES. Working on THE RACK, its sequel and this 'zine has been a unique and important experience for us as writers. The stories have touched our lives, becoming part of us in a very personal way — we've learned a lot about people in general, fandom and the art of writing"

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