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I Only Do It For Love, Not Money - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
I Only Do It For Love, Not Money
Interesting article (a snippet below).
Read more about Going Pro/Pulled To Publish , Fandom and Profit  and fandom's Gift Economy on Fanlore here.

"Because women’s social role is often essentialized as procreative labour according
to the extant sex-gender system, it is unsurprising that women who challenge that role are
discursively connected to women who disrupt their ‘proper’ sexualized role as wives and
mothers. Women writers who publish their work refuse their role as unpaid producers of
“gifts of love” – instead, they enter into the market economy to “sully” themselves in the
public sphere. We can see this in discussions of fans who seek to profit from their work:
too often, this is described in pejorative ways, such as complaints about fan authors who
“try to make a few bucks” (mctina) and “earn” themselves “some cash” (akasakasan), by
forcing others in fandom to “pony up the Benjamins!” (thebratqueen)."

from “Filthy Lucre and Test Audiences: Fan Debates about Publishing Fan Fiction” by Monica Flegel

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