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Fan Vidding: The TeenAge Years - Part 4 - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
Fan Vidding: The TeenAge Years - Part 4
We're almost at an end to our journey back to 1993 and the Middle Ages of fan vidding. In the second issue of Rainbow Noise, the vidding letterzine, a lonely male vidder writes an essay titled: "Song Videos and the Male of the Species."

At the time, almost all media fan vidders were female (in contrast to other vidding fandoms such as anime)

In the essay, he argues that the prevalence of female vidders in media fandom is an historical accident. And that surely the percentage of slash videos will drop dramatically. Right? Right?

"Unless we can argue that there is some inherent predisposition from an interest in slash to the production of music videos, above and beyond a familiarity with video equipment which is shared with, for example, fans of Japanese Animation, we must admit that the particular way in which song tapes have evolved and the resulting preponderance of female video artists is largely a historical accident.

All this may be painfully obvious to everyone else, but if the theory is true we can make several predictions. As time goes on, the dominant sex of those creating music videos may remain female, just as a small majority of science fiction fans are still male, but the ratio will level. out More significantly, we can predict that as the hobby expands, the total number of slash videos being produced will probably increase, but the percentage of slash videos will drop dramatically."

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