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It's IDIC! Live! From 1988! - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
It's IDIC! Live! From 1988!
ScotPress, one of the earliest Star Trek fanzine publishers in the UK has posted the first 10 issues of their letterzine IDIC online. You can read the issues here. And there is more info about the newsletter's history on Fanlore here.

Here's a snippet from the first newsletter:

"It was the advent of video which changed the face of
conventions. At first, the technology was too expensive for the average 'man on the street,' but conventions could afford to hire the equipment, and although blank tapes were £15.00 a time, a secondary programme of available episodes began to take shape, splitting the attendees into smaller groups. The 'one big happy family' feeling began to dissipate; I'm told of a convention where Trek episodes were available 24 hours a day on the hotel's in-house system, resulted in some people never leaving their rooms for the entire weekend!... Nowadays if an original Trek episode formed part of the main programme at a convention, it would have a very poor attendance indeed, and it seems that a higher percentage expect to be entertained 24 hours a day, rather than being prepared to make their own amusements."

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