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Fan Vidding: The TeenAge Years - Part 3 - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
Fan Vidding: The TeenAge Years - Part 3
The shift from analog to digital vidding in the early 2000s impacted fannish life on so many levels. For example, videotape was fragile and could wear out and break. Every copy you made from a videotape lost clarity, until you were watching small blobs running across the screen. And for many fandoms, it was not until decades later when your TV show appeared on DVD that you realized you had your favorite character's eye  color all wrong.

But vidders were always willing to give technical tips. Here are some tips on how to watch your favorite TV shows. To closely approximate this on your DVD/DVR/Computer, please remember to use only every other key/button to preserve their lifespan:

"It is possible to love a tape to death. Recently, I borrowed a series from another fan, and I can tell where every one of her favorite scenes is located. Every time she paused the tape - backed it up - paused the tape - replayed it (sometimes in slow motion), the tape stretched a little bit. Now her favorite scenes are bracketed with wavy pictures and rolling images. You can avoid this. First, pause a tape as little as possible. Second, if you must pause, as in making music videos, try to pause in a different spot each time. Doing it just seconds before and after the usual spot can minimize the damage. Third, use a stronger tape. Professional (AKA industrial) tape is made for editing. Few of us can afford it for a whole series, although you can get best episodes in rerun.* The next best choice is an extra high grade (AKA special event) tape. I use Sony, Maxell, or TDK."

From Rainbow Noise, the first and only vidding letterzine published in 1993.

*The cost of a single 2hr professional grade videotape in the early 1990s was around $15 or $24 in today's dollars. Imagine paying $24 today  for 2 episodes that you recorded off-air...That would be almost $300 for an entire season of Teen Wold or Supernatural, And you'd have to do all the taping work yourself...and pay for the cable. And the VCR. And the TV. 

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