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Fan Vidding: The TeenAge Years - Part 1 - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
Fan Vidding: The TeenAge Years - Part 1
The year is 1993. Video editing VCRs are all the rage with fan vidders pooling their money to buy a single machine for $1000* which they pass around from home to home. Fanvids have been around for almost two decades but there are few, if any places, where vidders can talk about vidding. Almost no one has email and mailing lists are just beyond the horizon.Two vidders decide to publish a letterzine for vidders and decide to call it Rainbow Noise - named after the flashes of color you sometimes get on videotape when you make an edit on a VCR without a flying erase head.

But first, before they can publish, they have to decide what to talk about. In the initial subscription letter, the editors tossed out a few suggestions. Remarkably, technology aside, it is very much the same as what vidders talk about today.

The first in a series of posts about Rainbow Noise.**
Ideas for Contributions to Rainbow Noise (excerpts)
  • Review a song video, old or new
  • The ten song videos you'd take to a desert island, and why.
  • Talk about different song video styles
  • Yeah, song vids are fun, but are they art? Does it matter whether they are?
  • Compare one of the successful videos you've made to one you've made that you feel is less successful. Do a nitty-gritty analysis on what you got vs. what you thought you'd get, and why you think this is so.
  • Story line in song videos (theories in general, or how story line works well in a particular/favorite vid)
  • Trials and tribulations of choosing a song
  • Editing songs for use as sound tracks
  • Show-and-Tell. Your particular [VCR editing] machine(s) - advantages, disadvantages &peculiarities. Would you recommend it to others looking for a new or used machine for song video making?
  • Why doing song videos can make you crazy
  • Does watching a songvid work like reading fanfic, or differently?

*That's in today's dollars
**A special thanks goes out to [personal profile] gattagrigia who found two issues of Rainbow Noise and donated them. They will eventually be sent to the Fanzine Archives to be part of the Sandy Hereld collection. We do not know how many issues were published (we only have issue #1 and 2), so more info about the letterzine - and additional copies - would be very much welcomed.

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