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For Those Unhappy With Unauthorized Sharing of Fanworks.... - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
For Those Unhappy With Unauthorized Sharing of Fanworks....
When has fandom ever *not* shared. Even in the face of warnings like the ones below. It is like premarital sex. There is the Pope and the local priest thundering about how it is not done/should not be done/wasn't done as much in those olden more morally upstanding days...and all the while everyone just goes out and keeps doing it all over the place. The problem is not the doing...it is the lying about the doing and the pretending there is no doing and trying to shame and shun those for the doing.

From Fanlore:

"At least one copy of the Pros circuit version contains a front page with a copyright notice "1983 by Blue Jay Press" and a statement:

"A limited edition printing of 50. Copy number 33...Not to be copied or otherwise reproduced without permission in writing from Blue Jay Press. This copy of PAINTING IN THE CLOUDS remains the property of Blue Jay Press, who reserve the right to ask for its return at any future date."

Below in handwriting someone has written:
"[N], I don't have permission [to copy this story] and I don't care. It's Lewis B-day today and I'm being anarchic. (Just don't tell [P] or she'll yell at me)."

Above in different handwriting:
"K&J, [N] sent me a copy of her copy before I got mine....a year ago I guess, as Lew's Birthday is May 27. Read this before Masquerade."

There is no author credit on the story.

Bits of history like this make me happier to be a fan...to know that we are still human and have always been human and (hopefully) will stay human down the road.

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