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The First Post To The First Slash Mailing List - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
The First Post To The First Slash Mailing List
The Date: October 19, 1992 ("it was (almost)  20 21 years ago today")
The Poster: [personal profile] sherrold*

Context: the first pan fandom slash mailing list, Virgule-L, was in its infancy. Safe spaces for women to talk about slash online were rare. And most fan fiction was distributed in print fanzines (which is why fanzine reviews like the one Sandy wrote were so important as a single fanzine cost $15-20 or around $25-35 today's dollars.) Fan run conventions were the only way to meet other groups of fans and mailed letters and phone calls were the tenuous tethers that strung these fan groups together. The mailing list - and the Internet - was about to change...everything.
Well, welcome to my adventure in mailing! I hope to have this set up soon as a 'real' mailing list, with it's own address. Until then, I only know one way for one of you to write to everyone at once. Just reply to a letter from the list, and answer yes, when it asks, 'reply to all'.

So far there are 7 of us. I'll let everyone introduce themselves.

I am Sandy Hereld, I write as Alyx (often with a friend who used Alys) the pen name is *not* a secret. I started in "/" fandom in trek, moved to Pros, and now am very crazed about B7. I still love Pros, and like a lot of different fandoms, including Wiseguy, Starsky and Hutch, and Muncle.

I helped run a slash con here in town last week, Virgule, and hope to make Escapade this year (in February, in Santa Barbara--one of the list subscribers co- runs it--memberships still available), but not Revelcon. Maybe, if I get a new job, Media West. I've never been there, and I've always wanted to go.

I just finished a great Multi-media zine called Homosapiens Too. It has an interesting variety of fandoms and crossovers; even more important, there wasn't a single story that stunk (though I liked some better than others, of course.)

Page count is
Pros/Booker 18pgs (Bodie/Booker)
Erioca/Muncle 5pgs (Erioca/Illya)
Batman 4 (Batman/street punk)
Nightflyers 6+ (cartoon, from the movie)
TNG 5pgs (Beverly/symbiote)
B7/TOS trek 5pgs (Blake/Spock)
Dangerous Liaisons 7pgs (Valmont/Danceny)
Damiano 2pgs (from the R.A. McAvoy books)
MUNCLE 2pgs the usual
Star Wars 4 (cartoon, original characters)
Pros 4pgs the usual
B7 50pgs (Blake/Avon)
Perhaps I should mention at the there was a contest for most outrageous crossover pairing.

My favorites were:

The Right Place
To Be (Bodie/Booker) by Arcane Annie & Stew--Bodie quits in a huff after an Operation Suzie, and is too embarrassed to go back; Booker has quit somewhat similarly. Seeing how stupid the other's foolish pride looks, they both learn things about playing roles and 'what really matters.' They also have pretty good sex.

Do Blond's Really Have More Fun? (Erioca/Illya) by Barbara T. This definitely is set at a time when Solo and Kurykin are having some problems. The crossover is a fascinating one, and it works. (Anyone needing Erioca explained, just e-mail me. It is a pretty new/small fandom, but growing fast.)

Brand New Day (Spock/Blake) by Jane Carnell follows immediately after Blake's pod makes planetfall after Star One. A great Blake, and if not a totally convincing Spock, it's close. Worth it for this scene alone.
--Blake "What do you like?"
"Anal penetration,"
"Which way round?" Blake inquired.
"I am a telepath. It hardly matters. Whichever way pleases you."

Valmont (Valmont/Danceny) by Stew -is a romantic, but very plausible retelling of the movie Dangerous Liaisons, all from Danceny's POV. For any that have read the book, you know it is told solely in letters and diary entries, so this collection of Danceny's diaries is very faithful to the original feel. It is also an amazingly concise retelling, squeezing 2 hours into 6 1/2 pgs.

Submissive It Ain't (Pros) is basically just a sex story, but one firmly based in the very different personalities of Bodie and Doyle. Nice idea, beautiful sex, slightly weak ending.

Puppeteer (Blake/Avon) by Bryn Lantry is a convoluted but beautiful story where: the action is in the emotions, everyone has multiple motives, and no one truly knows their own minds, much less understands their crewmates. A bit alternate, set sometime in the months before Star One but after Blake has already got the idea in mind, this is a wonderful character study of Blake and Avon, with Vila and Cally in strong supporting roles. Not my favorite type of story -- I think I prefer something a bit more straightforward, but undeniably compelling and well written.

The other stories weren't dogs either...

The Muncle story, Hanging In Time, by Y.J. is a very disturbing portrayal of the hurt-comfort syndrome in Illya,

The Batman story will appeal to anyone who liked "The Dark Knight Returns"

With All My Symbiotes
-Susan Douglas- has some nice female slash.

Why Couldn't It Be Me has gotten a certain amount of press as "Biblical slash." It does have two biblical characters in it, but it is just a vigniette, and has no overt slash content.

A few caveats: I disliked the art in the first story, and was indifferent to the rest. I had a hard time reading the 2 cartoon sections; I thought the penning needed to be clearer, and the xerox needed to be darker for those sections.

With those few quibbles in mind, I recommend the zine highly. It has an interesting collection of stories set in an amazing variety of universes. The editor is joining a growing number of publishers and putting the word count down -- 80,700, with 40,700 of it in Bryn's B7 story.

It is available from Manacles Press here in the U.S. at  [address removed]. There is no U.S. price on the zine; it says to SASE Manacles Press, and I can't remember whether I paid $15 or $18 at the con.

From Australia, it is available from the publisher...[address removed] $12 within Aust, $20 posted overseas airmail. (I assume that's $Aus)

*reposted here and everywhere with permission
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