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Snady Rec-A-Thon and Comment Day - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
Snady Rec-A-Thon and Comment Day
Reposted from [personal profile] movies_michelle: Today is Snady's birthday. "...One of the things I know Sandy loved most about fandom is less watching the shows (which she referred to sometimes as "homework") than the community of fandom. It was the interacting with other people about things she loved, stories she liked, bitching about the things that made her crazy, whatever.

So, can I ask this of everyone? Post a rec of something, anything, you enjoyed today, whether it was a story, vid, photo, meme, discussion, whatever. Whether it's new or old. If you've been meaning to go back and leave a comment on a story, go do it now, even if it's just to say "Love this!"

My rec contribution today:
The NightVale Twitter account which contains such quotes as:

"It is good to help children achieve their dreams, but dinosaurs are now becoming a real problem. So let's dial it back just a bit."

My comment contribution:
The incestuous courtship of the antichrist's bride by fleshflutter

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