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Kindle Worlds: A Participant Speaks - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
Kindle Worlds: A Participant Speaks
Interesting post from one of the authors commissioned by Kindle Worlds to write fan fiction. This is feeling more like  licensed tie-in novels than fan fiction. The main difference is that they are now willing to look at unsolicited stories from non-published or known writers in order to pick ones to publish.

"Jim asked: “I mean, did you look at the list of available properties and say, “Hey, I’ll write a ‘Pretty Little Liars’ story?” “- THIS. There was a list. This was a world I felt I could tackle and have fun with while maintaining my own voice.

I’m a T&M author. The editor leading this project approached my editor and asked for a list of authors who met a certain criteria. This was a project that needed to be kept under wraps until all the Ts were crossed. That’s why they approached authors known and trusted within the company.

The terms listed do not reveal the contract. I can only speak for myself, but I suspect most contracts will look similar to mine.

My submission was reviewed by the editor in charge of the project who sent me the guidelines, and reserved the right to accept/reject after I submitted. Thankfully, the story was accepted. I’m told my byline will also appear on the cover."


"As one of the fifty authors commissioned for this launch program, I can tell you, I’m more than pleased with the contract and the pay structure. These are ‘commissioned’ works + royalties. I wrote in the Pretty Little Liars world. The licensing came from Warner Brothers/Alloy via the television show – not Shepard’s publisher. As for the copyright – an example is if I should create a character within this world, I am free to use that character elsewhere in my own work."


"Just like when you submit to fiction mags, the stories go through an editorial process. The author writes it on spec. The editor accepts or rejects the work."

more here.

(PS. not certain the link to T&M magazine is correct. If you have a correct link let me know).
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