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In Honor of The OTW April Membership Drive - Day 5 - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
In Honor of The OTW April Membership Drive - Day 5
Day 5 of my "show don't tell" post of what fandom means to me. To support the OTW and its projects click here to donate or to learn more about the OTW.

Day one is here
Day two is here.
Day three is here.
Day four is here

The Interphase calendar #1 theme is "Star Trek Visits the World of Literature" and features the Star Trek characters in various book settings.
The Interphase Calendar #2 theme is "Star Trek Goes to the Movies" and recasts the Star Trek crew as characters in movies.

Spock "Call Me Ishmael" and Capt Kirk "Ahab"  tread water in the sea as the great white whale thrashes their ship. The text above their heads reads: "...the great shroud of the sea rolled on...and we only are escaped alone to tell thee..."  I love that the artist allowed Captain Kirk's love for Mr Spock to triumph over his Cetacean obsession and that they survived together. And that their hands are almost touching.  And that they are most certainly naked under the waves.

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