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Thoughts On Fandom ..And Life - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
Thoughts On Fandom ..And Life
In 1978, Star Trek fandom was warring over K/S ("those dirty perverts ruining our fandom"), copyright issues, zine piracy  and many other issues. Fans were calling each other bigots and barbarians.... Then a wonderful fan wrote this letter. She passed away a few years ago:

"I am going to tell you a story, which HAS a point. When I was a child, long years ago, I lived in New Jersey. My Aunt and Uncle lived in Massachusetts and every summer, during my father's two precious weeks of vacation, we went to visit them. It happened that Aunt V and Uncle C ran a wonderful seafood market. My parents loved seafood, and while we visited, my Aunt V would load the table with wonderful fresh fish — cooked just right. There were great mixing bowls full of shrimp, others filled with lobster meat. On the stove there would be a wash-boiler of steamed clams. There were platters of flakey white fish, bowls of quahogs (little necks to some) on the half-shell plus bowls of vegetables and fresh bread. (I hope I have your
mouth watering now, as mine is).

We would all gather around the table, my parents, Aunt V, Uncle C, at least two cousins and usually a couple of other relatives. Everyone would start passing things and then I would pipe up, "There's nothing here I like! I want a hamburger!" Why I wasn't throttled at a tender age, I'll never really know,except I had patient, loving relatives.

My point is this — here we are with the whole, wonderful world of STAR TREK and all it has to offer, the show itself, which each of us has our own reason for enjoying; Fandom in all its parts and most of all, wonderful friends. Think who you would NOT know if not for STAR TREK... (shudder!)

And what do we do with all this? Sit back and pout and say, "There is nothing I like" — or — "I only like hamburger". To others I'm sure we sound like a bunch of spoiled brats!

To return to my 'story', today of course, I would give anything to be sitting at that laden table, with my loved ones around me — all have gone now — and to be able to sample even a bit of that wonderful spread. Think about it, dear friends, think about it..."

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