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It was 1985 and someone asked about K/S on the Internet - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
It was 1985 and someone asked about K/S on the Internet
"Feminists who are interested in erotica written by women for women should find themselves very able to "stomach" K/S. They should check out the rave review of K/S written by SF feminist author Joanna Russ in a fanzine named NOME, "Another Addict Raves about K/S." Naturally there is a spectrum of material--from mild to X-rated, from well-written to total trash. This material is widely circulated, but not "Published" in the ordinary, or profit-making sense, and is in fact underground material of great interest to the participants--the writers, readers and editors. Unfortunately, attention paid to K/S for its feminist importance, may be damaging to fandom as a whole, if Paramount gets too interested in it. Starsky/Hutch and Star Wars fandoms were severely restricted by paranoid producers. Joanna has refused to supply the names of K/S editors and writers to the editors of Penthouse FORUM--but FORUM is interested. As for the writers involved, writing fan material is wonderful fun, and may just provide the impetus for writers to break into publication, as a number of fan writers have. While it is true that REAL SF writers look askance at Trek as formula fiction, the first item of importance to most aspiring writers is GETTING PUBLISHED. Trek is a "hungry" market."

From Requested information on K/S post  to net.startrek dated August 14, 1985. The info about K/S was offered in response to an inquiry by a net.starttrek fan after reading about K/S in a Kirkland, Washington area newspaper. See Star Trek erotica?!? dated August 6, 1985. Read a cautious follow-up reply here. Note: some of these links may require that you log into your gmail account.
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