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More From The Fandom Vaults: Part III - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
More From The Fandom Vaults: Part III
Vid show reviews, vid show reviews.....who came up with the idea behind vid show reviews?

It all started innocently enough. In 1996, after the Virgule convention vid show[personal profile] sherrold , [personal profile] wickedwords , and a few fans gathered at Denny’s with a list of vids to chat about how to cast their votes for the Vid Show Contest. A few weeks later members of the Virgule-L mailing list began debating the pluses/minuses of vid show contests when [personal profile] movies_michelle piped up and said:

One thing [the convention] does that I think *is* good, is give a "best technical" award that is NOT determined by popular vote. Several seasoned vidders watch and critique the vids, and decide what was most technically adept. I really enjoyed listening to [personal profile] sherrold and Stacy D discussing, for instance, Sandy's vids and others at Z-Con a couple of years ago. Okay, an in-depth discussion about the pros and cons over what VCRs are best for what tends to make my eyes glaze over, but just listening to people talk about how they make things and how they judge when they have made them *well* is something that I really enjoyed."

[personal profile] charlottechill , one of the Escapade convention organizers was on the mailing list. And, because she knew an awesome idea when she saw one, she immediately offered her convention to serve as the trial run for this new panel: “Sandy's one concern is that vids get *discussed*. To that end, and because I agree that anything in fandom that requires as much work as vidding does should get talked about, I'd like to offer a possibility for ESCAPADE. If on Sunday morning the new vids were RE-SHOWN in a panel format with a TV, and discussed as a par of that format, would that help vidders get more feedback for their work? Would that, possibly, be another avenue for discussing the vids--how they were done, why choices were made, suggestions for improvements, etc.?”

A few hours later Tashery, an experienced vidder volunteered to lead the panel (and volunteered Sandy to be her co-moderator). When Sandy finally caught up with the stream of emails, she wryly commented: “Oh gee, do I have to? What a great idea!….I already see logistics problems (song average almost 5 minutes—if we spend 5 minutes talking about each one, that's only 5 vids, and we usually get about twice that many people submitting vids), but it *still* sounds like fun. I *hope* that even non-vidders get curious about the process (not so much the 'craft' part of it, but the 'art' part of it), as I'm not as excited about it being "by vidders, for vidders" but we'll have to see who comes, eh?”

Suggestions began to fly: “a double length (2hr) panel” and “let’s get non-vidders to attend,” or “ we might have to choose vids on a first ask first serve basis because there may not be enough time to cover them all.” Other ideas: “how about we pick just from the vidders who want their vids discussed” and “how about the *panelists* pick two or three vids and have them watch the vids ahead of time several times so that they can talk knowledgably about their making.”

And that’s how the first vid review panel happened in 1997 at Escapade 7.

Oh, you want to know how it went? Well, according to Sandy there was a lot of discussion of The Rules of Vidding: “And for *each* of these assertions, there were at least some other vidders there who *strongly* disagreed. … it was great to have the conversation, and there were some things that *most* of us agreed on, or we agreed that (as in writing), the 'rule' should be followed unless the vidder had a very good reason to break the rule.”
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