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I'll tumblr for ya - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
I'll tumblr for ya
Don't use it as I don;t have much time/painfree moments left for short attention span computer interactions. In my cost benefit world of pain free moments the tumblr math does not (yet) add up.

All that being said, I am using RSS feeds to follow a few tumblr accounts and am enjoying them. One word on RSS feeds - if you are using tumblr and want your content to be available only a week having readers use RSS feeds to keep up with your posts should work. If you want people to find older posts (say a rec list or vids) the RSS feed will carry only the latest content and won't have tags. The same in reverse for readers who use RSS feeds - the only way to find older content is to go to the tumblr account and try to use the navigation there.

Cross-posting is the way to go but tools are scarce. Here is discussion of a wordpress crosspost plugin

This tumblr to LJ crosspost tool looks promising: http://2livejournal.tumblr.com/ anyone tested it? edited: as someone reminded me, a cross-posting tool would defeat the purpose of using tumblr to avoid social interaction/social pressures/discussions. But I know that tumblr usage varies and people have different reasons/motivations for using the platform so I think the tool may be of interest to some.

Are there any other tumblr/lj/dw cross-posting methods in use?

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