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FortuneCity - We Hardly Knew You - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
FortuneCity - We Hardly Knew You

FortuneCity - an early free website went down suddenly in early May, taking with it a number of historical fandom websites. As with Geocities, there is an effort underway to at least document the URLs of the websites. With the URLs in hand, websites can  be resurrected  by plugging the URL into the WayBack Machine.  But first we need to record the URLs - the Google cached versions will soon go away (some are already gone). More about this here

If you want to help, head over to the Google spreadsheet,* claim a fandom, read the instructions (second tab) and pitch in.   If you don’t have time to grab the URLs from Google, we definitely need help adding the ones we have gathered to the FortuneCity Fanlore page.

Come on fandom. We cannot afford to lose fannish works of art like The A-Team Coloring Book.

*Full link to the Google Spreadsheet is here.

Edited to note: We're putting search tips on the Instructions tab (look for the tab in the lower left corner). Scroll down to read all the notes/tips/suggestions.

Edited to add: If you do screencap pages, focus on pages that are not in the Wayback Machine. You can run the URL through the WayBack machine here.  If you need help getting the screncaps onto Fanlore send me an email or leave a note here with the number of screencaps and a way to contact you. I'll pass the info on up to the Wiki Committee since organizing a larger scale Fanlore data entry project is beyond our scope.

Edited to add
: If you want to screencap missing artwork or images on a website:

For some cached Google sites, the images no longer show up even though the text will appear. The images are still in Google however. Here is a method to find them – and screencap if needed. Most often handy for archiving a fan artists website that has just gone offline.

Step 1: Google:

Step 2: Click on Images (to the left on Google on my screen) to show just the images on that website

Step 3: You can screencap whatever images are still there using whatever program works on your computer.

Example: http://fanlore.org/wiki/File:Zawiah_google_screencap.png

Edited to note: there are a lot of old school anime fandoms on FortuneCity. If you know of anime fans or anime fan communities that might like to help, please spread the word. If a fandom is not listed on the Google spreadsheet, just go ahead and add it and claim it.

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rozallin From: rozallin Date: May 18th, 2012 08:47 pm (UTC) (Link)
Thanks for writing this. I'm not really active in any fandom community, but I've signed up to document the URLs under the Red Dwarf fandom as the idea of suddenly losing everyone's works in this way does make me feel particularly sad and angry.
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