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How To Create A Stable Page For Your Vids (or A03 and Vids) - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
How To Create A Stable Page For Your Vids (or A03 and Vids)
This is not a post about how to fight a takedown notice or a forced audio swap of your vid (although you can find helpful tips on both topics from the OTW here).

It is a more practical post: how to use AO3 to create a stable "page" that you and everyone who loves and adores your vids can link to. A post where all the feedback and comments won't disappear overnight when your Yotube/Whatevertube account gets yanked.

The process is this: create a "page" on AO3 for your vid (like this one). Upload your vid to your preferred streaming site  (see list below). Add the embed code and/or offer a link to your AO3 page. If you password protect your vid, you add the password to the A03 post.  Most vidders add the word [Vid] in the title.

And you are done. If the vid at the streaming site gets taken down, you can upload to another site and replace the link. But the feedback, kudos etc you get on A03 won't disappear and you'll only need to update your links in one place. More in depth instructions are here

The OTW's Vidding resource page has a list of streaming video hosts. Feel free to mention any not on the OTW list or offer feedback on the ones that are/are not working for you. And feel free to forward this info to any fan vidding forum, LJ or mailing list. 
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