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Fanzine Listings (updated)

Update: April 15, 2013: The bulk of the fanzine information has been moved to Fanlore, the fan run wiki. You can access Fanlore's home page here.
If you're looking for a list of fanzines by fandom, this is what I have so far:

Place of Honor:  Starsky & Hutch. Pepper has compiled the most amazing and complete fanzine listing. Mahvelous. Go here

1. Alphabetical listing
A-Team - list here (last updated in 1997) and here
Beauty & the Beast here and here
Buffy and Angel
Blake's 7  - Judith has an extensive list here
Dr Who - partial lists available here and here and here
Due South -Ray Vecchio Fanzines and  Ray Kowalski Fanzines
Inspector Morse here
The Magnificent 7 here
The Man From U.N.C.L.E - slash fanzines here, gen and slash fanzines here
The Professionals -The Hatstand  and Palely Loitering (with their own LJ here)
Quantum Leap - old list, needs updating
Rat Patrol - Excel spreadsheet here
Real Ghostbusters - here (defunct, last updated 2002). A more current list is here
Robin of Sherwood here
Seaquest here and here
The Sentinel - Loft Library -Slash Zines and Gen Zines
Smallville here
Shadow Chasers here (old archive)
Sherlock Holmes here
Stargate SG1 - old list here
Starsky & Hutch - Pepper's Amazing List With Every Possible Combination Except Pepperoni
Star Trek   - K/S Slash Zines and Star Trek Zinedex (gen/het/slash). An index of stories published in fanzines by title and author can be downloaded from the KirkSpockCentral mailing list (membership required).
Star Wars - Star Wars Collector's Bible (older list archived here)
Supernatural - here
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea here
Xena/Hercules - partial list here

2. Multi-Fandom Lists

Ming's Fanzine Archives (Star Trek, Star Wars & other Fandoms - click on the pdfs for the list)
Fandom Wikis - FanLore and Fan History

3. What To Do With That Aging Fanzine Collection?  If you don't  want to sell your fanzines on eBay or at a convention, the  Fan Culture Preservation Project  will help fans find homes for their fanzine collections - either at the University of Iowa or  via fellow fans.  More here and  here.

What I like about the Fan Culture Project is that the University will pay for shipping and loading of the zines.  I have several friends whose health has declined, don't want to sell their collection, but want to find their fanzines a good home.

Other places to buy/sell your fanzines: the Zinelist Announcements List, its sister discussion mailing list  Zinelist or the SlashSwap mailing list. You can offer your fanzines on LJ at Fandom Swap.     Jim and Melody Rondeau will also agent your fanzines online and at conventions for a small commission. As a last resort head over to eBay but beware you may be charged 2-3x more than you would buying from fannish sources.

For new zines/in print zines only:  The Zine listing communities - one here on Dreamwidth and the mirror here on LJ. Melody Clark has started MediaFen, a fanzine listing blog. The RSS feed for LJ users is here. The direct blog link is here.

If you're trying to track down a fanzine producer whose website has moved or gone away, try using the Wayback Machine.  Ex:  The Zine Zone (last updated in 2003) is archived here.

4. Any other lists? Drop a note. And feel free to link here, as I'll update it.

Looking for Fanzine lists:
Star Trek - gen/het
Buffy/Angel - some zines listed on Fanlore
Highlander - some zines listed on Fanlore
X-Files - some zines listed on Fanlore

5. Wanna Know How Your Ancestors Produced Their Fan Fiction?
Read "Fandom Before Computers"

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My Fic Master Post

Fiction with adult ratings or adult subject matter will be labeled as adult.  My writing involves adult themes that focus on  controversial subject matters and often contains both violence and/or sex, including character deaths and non-consensual acts.  Please read responsibly.

Most of my fan fiction was written years ago and has been previously published in fanzines. The posting date in this journal or any other site does not represent the actual publication date.

Due South

Long Way Home (Fraser Vecchio, Adult) (slash, novel) - link takes you to eBook format.
Clothes Make The Man (Fraser/Vecchio, Adult) (slash)  You can also read this in eBook format here.
A Better Man (Fraser/Vecchio, Adult) (slash).  You can also read this in eBook format here.

Starsky & Hutch
Snapshots (gen, adult) (1995)

Star Wars

In His Father's Shoes (Luke/Han, Adult) (slash) - link takes you to eBook format

Not Listening - (Sam/Dean, Adult)  (slash, incest)
The Monday Blahs - (Sam/Dean, Adult)  (slash, incest)
Long Distance Call (gen)
All The World's A Stage (gen) (WIP)

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I am a multi-media fan, love sci-fi and fantasy and have been involved in reading and writing fan fiction for the past 12 years. I am in my 40s (to give you a rough age and experience range). My fan fiction can be found here. Fiction with adult ratings or adult subject matter will be labeled and cut-tagged. Please read responsibly. My fan vids can be found in streaming format here

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In the year 2525
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How To Upload Vids To The Internet Archive

You can upload fanvids that have been blocked on Youtube and Vimeo to the Internet Archive. (You can  also upload them to Critical Commons). Both are whitelisted for embedding on AO3.

There are a few steps

1. General upload instructions here:


2. You must set your vid to 'noindex". This can only be set by you at the time of your upload and must be manually done.

You will do this by first clicking on "More Options - Set additional Metadata"

Type in "noindex" (without the quotes) and in the second field type in "true" (again, no quotes)

3. Save and upload. You video will be processed (it may take a few hours) and then is ready for embedding. It will also be available for downloading.

If you do not set noindex at the time of upload you can ask the Internet Archive to change it for you afterwards but it will take time for them to process your request. Also check to make certain the noindex is still set to true any time you make an edit to the title or description field.

As always there are no guarantees that your vid will stay up and/or will never be indexed, so I would recommend you upload to both the Internet Archive and Critical Commons.

Here is a complete list of the Internet Archive upload options.

And here is their description of the noindex command

internal use only: Yes
usage notes: While the accepted practice is to have a value of “true” for this tag, the mere presence of the tag in meta.xml will actually cause the same effect regardless of the value used (including empty). In addition to not being included in the public search engine, the noindex tag will also cause the item to not be listed in the sitemap.
definition: Prevents item from being indexed in public search engine

We have a Vidding Fanvid Collection on the Internet Archive. To include a vid in the collection, you must email a link to your vid to the Internet  Archive from the email account that you used to upload the vid and request it be added. Include a link to the collection.

Collection Link:

Drop us an email if you do submit so we can be on the lookout (we have no control of what gets added to the collection).

Obvious note: we have no idea how  adding your vid to the collection will impact the search engine visibility.

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Vid show Playlists

[Unknown LJ tag] posted: Vidukon Programming!
In exciting and only-slightly-terrifying news - I have joined the VidUKon ConCom this year! \o/ I'm . . . not entirely sure how this happened?? I definitely remember offering last summer to help </a></b></a>cosmic_llin with things behind the scenes if she needed, and then suddenly I found myself in co-charge of programming. But it's exciting! Continuing my running trend of making the con slightly more challenging for myself every year.

SO, on that note: please submit your programming ideas! It would be super awesome to have some, you know, actual content at this con. Otherwise it's just going to be three days of Vid Roulette from the (several hundred) vids I have saved on my laptop, and whilst I'm not saying that wouldn't be enjoyable, it could lead to some serious emotional whiplash. Here are the kinds of things we're looking for:

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New Blog Devoted To Archiving

 the new blog seems to focus on all aspects of digital preservation, both online and in the tangible world (VHS videotape transfer) .  Two of recent fandom related projects are prominently featured, including Yahoo! Groups preservation efforts as well as 8tracks playlists and cover art back up .
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fandomhistoryproject Links Roundup

[Unknown LJ tag] posted: Links roundup (click for full set of links)


</a></b></a>. "As sites hosting art, text, music, and more continue to either close up shop or change their Terms of Service, there have been various efforts to save content on what is often very short notice. It would be even better if fans gave our works this attention before a crisis hits. While creators have often used multiple sites to host their works, one type of work has generally been left out of fans' efforts at archiving and preserving fanworks -- meta. . . . The priority for Meta Matters is to make sure meta doesn't vanish with sites or personal accounts when those get closed or moved."

</a></b></a>fanlore. "Supporting and creating community among the editors of the Fanlore wiki."

Rogue Archives: Digital Cultural Memory and Media Fandom, a 2016 book by Abigail De Kosnik. "An examination of how nonprofessional archivists, especially media fans, practice cultural preservation on the Internet and how 'digital cultural memory' differs radically from print-era archiving." See also a three-part interview with the author and a review of the book at Transformative Works and Cultures.

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Final Countdown Yahoo Groups (Yes, This Is The Final One)


Back in December, due to the hard work of many people (including the OTW who wrote a letter to Verizon asking for more time) we were granted an extension on the time limit  we had to join Yahoo Groups and request copies of the group archives. That deadline ends tomorrow Jan 31, 2020. If  you are  a  member of any Yahoo Group you still have 24 hrs+ to sign into Yahoo and request a copy of your Groups archives. You will get a copy of all the messages and the files ever posted to the Group (no photos however, those have been deleted).

How to request your Group data

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