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Fanzine Listings (updated)

Update: April 15, 2013: The bulk of the fanzine information has been moved to Fanlore, the fan run wiki. You can access Fanlore's home page here.
If you're looking for a list of fanzines by fandom, this is what I have so far:

Place of Honor:  Starsky & Hutch. Pepper has compiled the most amazing and complete fanzine listing. Mahvelous. Go here

1. Alphabetical listing
A-Team - list here (last updated in 1997) and here
Beauty & the Beast here and here
Buffy and Angel
Blake's 7  - Judith has an extensive list here
Dr Who - partial lists available here and here and here
Due South -Ray Vecchio Fanzines and  Ray Kowalski Fanzines
Inspector Morse here
The Magnificent 7 here
The Man From U.N.C.L.E - slash fanzines here, gen and slash fanzines here
The Professionals -The Hatstand  and Palely Loitering (with their own LJ here)
Quantum Leap - old list, needs updating
Rat Patrol - Excel spreadsheet here
Real Ghostbusters - here (defunct, last updated 2002). A more current list is here
Robin of Sherwood here
Seaquest here and here
The Sentinel - Loft Library -Slash Zines and Gen Zines
Smallville here
Shadow Chasers here (old archive)
Sherlock Holmes here
Stargate SG1 - old list here
Starsky & Hutch - Pepper's Amazing List With Every Possible Combination Except Pepperoni
Star Trek   - K/S Slash Zines and Star Trek Zinedex (gen/het/slash). An index of stories published in fanzines by title and author can be downloaded from the KirkSpockCentral mailing list (membership required).
Star Wars - Star Wars Collector's Bible (older list archived here)
Supernatural - here
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea here
Xena/Hercules - partial list here

2. Multi-Fandom Lists

Ming's Fanzine Archives (Star Trek, Star Wars & other Fandoms - click on the pdfs for the list)
Fandom Wikis - FanLore and Fan History

3. What To Do With That Aging Fanzine Collection?  If you don't  want to sell your fanzines on eBay or at a convention, the  Fan Culture Preservation Project  will help fans find homes for their fanzine collections - either at the University of Iowa or  via fellow fans.  More here and  here.

What I like about the Fan Culture Project is that the University will pay for shipping and loading of the zines.  I have several friends whose health has declined, don't want to sell their collection, but want to find their fanzines a good home.

Other places to buy/sell your fanzines: the Zinelist Announcements List, its sister discussion mailing list  Zinelist or the SlashSwap mailing list. You can offer your fanzines on LJ at Fandom Swap.     Jim and Melody Rondeau will also agent your fanzines online and at conventions for a small commission. As a last resort head over to eBay but beware you may be charged 2-3x more than you would buying from fannish sources.

For new zines/in print zines only:  The Zine listing communities - one here on Dreamwidth and the mirror here on LJ. Melody Clark has started MediaFen, a fanzine listing blog. The RSS feed for LJ users is here. The direct blog link is here.

If you're trying to track down a fanzine producer whose website has moved or gone away, try using the Wayback Machine.  Ex:  The Zine Zone (last updated in 2003) is archived here.

4. Any other lists? Drop a note. And feel free to link here, as I'll update it.

Looking for Fanzine lists:
Star Trek - gen/het
Buffy/Angel - some zines listed on Fanlore
Highlander - some zines listed on Fanlore
X-Files - some zines listed on Fanlore

5. Wanna Know How Your Ancestors Produced Their Fan Fiction?
Read "Fandom Before Computers"

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Recommendation Needed: Catalog That Can Be Displayed Online

 I am looking for a replacement for Awesome Table. It allowed me to set up an embedded searchable catalog that is connected to Google Sheets.

Features needed:

  1. Can be embedded online
  2. No server side software installed (I can install only on my desktop, not on the server on my website. MySQL is not an option with my webhost)
  3. Searchable - to the end user it looks like this - not endless rows and columns or an Excel/Google Sheets
  4. Can import from CSV or connect to Google Sheets
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Signal Boost: Vid Show Information and Panel Ballot Open! [Escapade Con]

[community profile] escapade_con posted: Vid Show Information and Panel Ballot Open! [Escapade Con]
The Escapade Vid Show will be live-streaming this year on Vimeo, then will be available to re-watch at your convenience. We want everyone, including festivids participants ( to submit vids to the Escapade vid show. We are open for vid submissions through February 10. It will be a simpler process (no FTP). Check out the details here: and email if you have questions.

The Panel Ballot is open for voting through February 1. We received almost 100 suggestions, so this is your chance to let us know what you'd like to see on the schedule. If you think there's still something missing, you can submit a write-in panel suggestion. Go here to vote: You can come back and update your choices until the voting closes on February 1.
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Escapade Convention - Tech and Volunteers

[community profile] escapade_con posted: Tech Information and Call for Volunteers [Escapade Con]
How do I connect to Escapade 31?
Our plans are to have panel conversations (video optional) on Zoom, text chat on Discord, video streaming on Vimeo, and the art show on Tumblr. If you have any concerns about accessing the virtual convention, we will be running a "test drive" session on Saturday afternoon before the convention (February 13) with activity on all platforms. You will be able to try out your system, and get live tech support from convention staff. We want everyone to be connected and confident before the convention launches on February 19.

Do I have to buy hardware or software?
No. All of the applications we are planning to use are free on the user's side. If you want to speak in panels (via Zoom) but your computer doesn't have a microphone, you can connect via phone or tablet. If you don't have a phone or tablet, you can still participate via text chat in Discord. If you want to show your face in Zoom, but your computer doesn't have a camera, you can use a tablet or smartphone.

How can I help?
Thank you for asking! If you're comfortable (or willing to get comfortable) with Zoom, we'd like to have a "tech mod" in each panel to watch the text chat, gather raised hands, etc. and pass that information to the rest of the mods. You'll be able to pick panels you wanted to attend anyway. If you help out at 4 or more panels, we'll refund your reg or credit it toward next year.

We will also be running a consuite channel, open during convention hours (or as long as we have someone to host it) as a place to hang out and chat with other fans. It should be pretty mellow. You don't even have to make cucumber sandwiches (unless you want to).

If either of these appeal to you, please email
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Host Your PodFic On The Internet Archive (Supported AO3 Embedding)

[personal profile] aethel posted: podfic on the Internet Archive

Currently there are 3400+ podfics publicly available on the Internet Archive. You can also edit the metadata on an item to set "noindex" to "true", with the result that the item is not findable on the site, so the actual number of podfics is greater. 
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Art Noveau Blue

My Fic Master Post

Fiction with adult ratings or adult subject matter will be labeled as adult.  My writing involves adult themes that focus on  controversial subject matters and often contains both violence and/or sex, including character deaths and non-consensual acts.  Please read responsibly.

Most of my fan fiction was written years ago and has been previously published in fanzines. The posting date in this journal or any other site does not represent the actual publication date.

Due South

Long Way Home (Fraser Vecchio, Adult) (slash, novel) - link takes you to eBook format.
Clothes Make The Man (Fraser/Vecchio, Adult) (slash)  You can also read this in eBook format here.
A Better Man (Fraser/Vecchio, Adult) (slash).  You can also read this in eBook format here.

Starsky & Hutch
Snapshots (gen, adult) (1995)

Star Wars

In His Father's Shoes (Luke/Han, Adult) (slash) - link takes you to eBook format

Not Listening - (Sam/Dean, Adult)  (slash, incest)
The Monday Blahs - (Sam/Dean, Adult)  (slash, incest)
Long Distance Call (gen)
All The World's A Stage (gen) (WIP)

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